White Halter Top Bikini

In some cases, less is more. With swimwear, it’s tricky to find the right balance between looking too busy and too boring. A basic white bikini, while classic, can easily look unremarkable, but add some flourishes in the right places and it can really make a statement. I really like that this white halter top string bikini starts with a simple style and solid color, then adds a colorful burst of bright colors in a floral print. I like that it’s not a repetitive pattern, just a splash in one area and then another.

Bright Floral Bikini

When it’s warm, sunny and otherwise a perfect day for the beach, a bright and color bikini like this one is perfectly-suited for the occasion. The floral magenta-colored print is almost retro looking but the most appealing part, to me, is the vibrant yellow that makes up the rest of the suit. Not many people can pull off wearing this color so it’s always eye-catching when you do spot it at the beach. I like the asymmetrical inter-looping metal chain detain on the neck tie. Plus there’s additional metal hardware on the bottoms as well which is a nice touch.

Mini Print Halter Bikini

There are a couple of reasons why I like this suit. First, I like the colors. It’s a fine print that looks like a dot matrix made of pinks, lilacs, peaches and teals. Second, I like the gold chain link detail on the neck ties and bottoms. Third, I like the halter top style. Those things pretty much add up to a really unique and attractive bikini. It’s always refreshing to see something different.

Magenta Halter Top Bikini

OK, there are a number of things I love about this bikini.

1) The color is bright, bold and a breath of fresh air from the usual blacks and blues people wear at the beach.

2) Those gold caribiner-like clasps are really cute and unique details. Plus the multi-colored strap that it’s attached to adds great contrast to the rest of the solid colored suit.

3) It’s a halter top.

4) It’s an adjustable halter top, meaning the cups are adjustable and can slide and scrunch to create the perfect fit and look.

Multicolored String Bikini

I love bright, fun, tropical colors. This string bikini has a great mix of raspberry pink, orange and white, plus the added bit of slight ruffle is perfect. To me, ruffles can be tricky. They can be too big, too little, too much or not enough. This bit of curly ruffle on the edges of this bikini is just right. I like the orange string ties too.

Purple Halter Top Bikini

I’m a big fan of halter tops and also in a purple-loving phase, so when I saw this purple halter top bikini splashed with a mix of pastels, I instantly adored it. I like the that despite being a halter top the cups are still adjustable and can slide. Plus it looks like you can adjust the gold trim on the neck strap to whatever look and coverage amount you like. The bottoms have a unique folded-over look and matching gold trims. I absolutely dig the colors and brush-stroke effect on this bikini!